Kura Jane Carpenter - New Zealand Fantasy & Mystery Author

Wyld Enchantment Woods Fantasy Mystery series...

Book One the the Wyld Enchantment Woods Fantasy mystery series
What good is a Fairy Godmother without her wand...?
A world of good when it comes to Ella Charming, solving crime and restoring justice, one dead body at a time...
Welcome to Wyld Enchantment Woods...
Mirror mirror who's the killer?

Book One

"Mirror mirror, Who's the Killer?"

What if Cinderella’s black-sheep sister solved crime?

Reclusive Ella Charming is trying to keep her head down in the frozen kingdom of Wyld Enchantment Woods where magic is strictly forbidden.

When a gaurdsman turns up on her doorstep with a stolen magic mirror in his pocket and an arrow lodged in his heart, Ella is forced to get involved.

With only the aid of a talking-cat, who might be a spy for the wicked queen, can Ella find the murderer before they find her?

What good is a Fairy Godmother without her wand...?
What people are saying...

“Fantasy elements skillfully interwoven throughout, adding more intrigue and mystery to the plot, and keeping me guessing to the end.

Well written, great characterizations, and many laugh out loud moments. The mystery is nicely plotted with convincing suspects and a satisfying conclusion to the main mystery.

“New Zealand Author, Carpenter’s crisp descriptive writing is delightful.

There are plenty of twists, turns, and surprises that make you want to read "just one more chapter", before putting the book down.

I laughed so often at Tomcat. He’s trying to act like a cat, because in a world that doesn’t allow magic, a talking cat is suspicious, but he’s struggling! Sometimes he just forgets to act like a cat and when he does he’s so funny! Quote, when he washes himself: “Euurk! Fur on my tongue!” LOL!

“If you like your humour as dry as your gin, you’ll love this. Cracking dialogue, and a story that keeps its secrets when it should.

This book kept me reading until my bath water was cold. I had to read just one more chapter to see how Ella was going to work out the mess she was in this time.


Wyld Enchantment Woods Fantasy Mystery Series...

What's the time of death, Mr Wolf?

Book Two

"What’s the time of death, Mr Wolf?"

Old lady snark, talking cats, & carnivorous pumpkins...

Who is the Charmington werewolf?

When a beloved Charmington resident is killed,  neighbour accuses  neighbour as  hysteria grips the town. Can Ella and Tomcat uncover the werewolf’s true identity before it kills again?

Ella Charming is a suspended Fairy Godmother. Tom April was a rookie henchman working for the wicked queen until a magical accident turned him into a cat

Together they solve crime in the frozen fairy-tale kingdom of Wyld Enchantment Woods.

Ace Post Mortem Twist

Book Three

"Ace Post Mortem Twist"

Is Cassidy Turpin a crooked cop?

When Tomcat’s secret crush is arrested for murdering a co-worker, Ella and Tom only have 24 hours to clear Cassidy’s name before she is shipped off to the notorious Nottingham prison.

But with Tomcat determined to call the shots, will the cat save the day or trip up Ella’s every step?

If you go down to Wyld Woods today you're sure of a big surprise... Mystery, magic and murder...

About Kura Jane Carpenter

Award-winning Author Kura Jane Carpenter

Kura won the 2019 Sir Julius Vogel award for Best New Talent and her debut was short-listed for Best Novel.

A few years ago Kura was fortunate enough to adopt a retired racing greyhound. This experience lead her to become a part-time, foster-carer for recently retired greyhounds. While current work and travel commitments doesn’t allow for fostering, Kura would love for everyone to experience the joy of sharing your house and heart with these gentle goofballs.

Connect with Kura on Instagram where she mostly post pictures of books, creative projects and greyhounds.

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